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About Us

My name is Adrian Mejia, and I am the owner of Triple V Industries, LLC. My passion for art and entrepreneurship stems from having a very troublsome past and thinking I had no choice in being something in life. I came to the realization that I could be whatever I wanted if I chose to do so, I didnt need to depend on someone else for a good title or job. This realization led to the start of my business and my journey towards trying to not only bring art and creativity into the world but to encourage everyone else to know that we can all be successful doing what we love! 

My main business started of as a clothing company,, which came from my love for art and constant doodling. This led to me exploring more with photography, videography, web and graphic design and business in general. I would not have ever even know of my passion for any of these things if not for peers who helped to encourage and point out these things. Had I not chosen to take the first step towards this journey I would never be on it and would not be where I am today or as passionate about these things as I am. My goal is to be that encouragement for everyone that I come in contact with and to help other talented individuals get the attention and help they need and deserve.

Triple V Industries, LLC and Triple V Productions are businesses based on the idea of bringing amazing art to the masses, encouraging entrepreneurship and chasing your dream, and helping people recognize the amazing beauty art and talent located in Colorado and all over the world!

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